Automotive: Genesis has been the world leader in thermoformed Automotive Air Bag Initiator Insulators for more than 15 years. At Genesis we have become expert in forming thin wall fluoropolymers and nylon components. We’ll provide you with the most precise fit in the industry. Our insulators are used worldwide in high-speed production insertion assembly. Our customers know they can count on the repeatability and quality they need for a cost effective process.

Consumer Packaging: Genesis hasn’t forgotten our consumer packaging roots. For more than 30 years Genesis has designed consumer packaging to provide our customers with attractive marketing based designs, protection from theft and shipping protection. Whether you’re gearing up to produce millions or bringing your product to specialty stores Genesis can help to make sure you’re product is saying the right things about you!

Prototyping and Contract Design: As our customer’s needs have changed, Genesis has evolved with them to provide contract design for product and tooling that is easily transferred to overseas locations. By working with Genesis your prototype is done quickly with easy communication and when you’re satisfied with the results we’ll send the design data to you or your manufacturer for a turnkey startup!